The Beloved

This is my wife, Sohini. This photograph was taken a few summers ago in a garden in Santa Barbara.

Until we fled California for our new, possibly improved, and certainly vitamin-fortified life in the East, Sohini was the Volunteer Coordinator for KCRW, the National Public Radio station that broadcasts from Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, California. She also co-produced the weekly show Good Food for KCRW.

At the Villa d'Este

This picture was taken in August of 2001 at the Grille at the Villa d'Este, a very fine hotel at Lake Como, north of Milan in Italy.

A couple more pics:

At Vandana's Wedding This picture was taken at the wedding of a friend of ours, a few years ago.
Off to Charles' wedding And this one is the two of us preparing to go to another wedding, much more recently.